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Roy Schestowitz Latest posts Real-time contact. Software Engineer, interdisciplinary researcher, and an advocate of fair competition read more. I T is generally regarded as black comedy inside the EPO that Battistelli attempted to frame his regime as "social democracy".

Nothing could be further from the truth because Battistelli is antisocial and his regime Slots Safes sind nicht resident undemocratic even anti democratic.

Laws were composed by lobbyists behind closed doors and politicians with a stake in the outcome turned up at 1: The UPC comes tumbling down these days. There are too many delays — certainly some may be fatal. Doch was kommt dann? The UPC deserves to die because it has corrupted the media which published puff pieces for Team UPC, see more or indirectlymisrepresented businesses, misled people and even corrupted political systems all the way up to constitutions.

At what cost do patent fanatics think they can carry on? If the EPC Member States evidently abuse their own employees, it becomes hypocritical of elected Governments to criticise Big Corp, when it, in turn, abuses the rights of its own employees.

This neutering of any political criticism of labour abuses in multi-national corporations is extremely useful for them and their lobbyist forces. Shame on you, Member States, in the pockets of the sociopathic multi-national corporations. A man with no education and no behavior. His cheap ring is called a chevaliere. This is a pleb ring which no decent frenchman mastering etiquette would wear for at least fourty years except in the deep countryside province. It is a sign of utterly bad taste, as is, his pathetic golden Hermes belt which again no one disposing upon a decent education would Slots Safes sind nicht resident since the s.

As to the Masonery. No one knows by nature unless he reveals it which is not the case if he is a free mason but many speculate. Even if he was, all what he did to the EPO has nothing to do link Masonery but with his cheap behaviour. Believe it or not: Battistelli was the ONLY candidate classified as totally unsuited for the position of VP in particular for his obvious lack of social skills and arrogant behaviour.

Few years after, after 30 rounds or more of votes he was elected president. He owes his position to the activism of Sarkozy. So Pink there is no illuminati involved nor Opus Dei as many wrongly speculate. This pathetically human and cheap human in the very case of Battistelli.

We did not know about that above-mentioned assessment. If anyone Slots Safes sind nicht resident any more information about it, please contact us. It must be pretty old, going back to the days Battistelli was just a politician trying to learn what on Earth patents were for his INPI position. He just had some diplomatic positions nothing too fancy.

There was a strike ballot on October 23rd, today is October 22nd and at the end of October an open letter was circulated regarding this planned strike. The Central Staff Committee wrote the following message to Battistelli:. We have the following observations concerning the implementation of the strike ballot held on 23 October As a consequence, we were not in a position to verify whether the voting regulations were respected, in particular with regards to fairness and confidentiality of the ballot.

We are not in a position to judge the frequency of such technical irregularities, but again this most likely had a negative impact on the participation rate. Given that the outcome of the ballot is nevertheless clear, unambiguous and simply confirms the feedback we receive daily from staff, we will refrain from challenging the results. We do, however, strongly object to what seems to be an impaired implementation performed in bad Slots Safes sind nicht resident of the new strike regulations, regulations that themselves already infringe fundamental staff rights.

A notification of strike was sent to Battistelli on the 12th of November by the Central Staff Spielautomaten Palace Casino-Website to say: Staff has voted in favour of a strike.

It made it clear that all other options had been exhausted. To quote their open letter: If social dialogue in the time between the above blocks of strike days leads to a substantial progress on the grounds for strike, we are willing to recommend to Staff to terminate the strike actions.

He arrogantly ignored the recommendations even of his very own Disciplinary Committeereaffirming the widely-held view that he does not comprehend democracy and the Rule of Law. One heck of a leader, eh? Nobody is perfect, but Professor Pompidou was at least regarded not as a bully.

People in circles close to the EPO generally told us positive things about him. Pompidou did complain about productivity or laziness IP Kat covered it at one point. We covered all this at the time Slots Safes sind nicht resident at no point did we hear about suicides, for instance. Staff did occasionally protest we covered that and posted photosbut back then there was no aggressive crackdown on staff and their representatives.

When Battistelli took Slots Safes sind nicht resident he introduced a de-motivational career pathwhich was explained also in this presentation [PDF]. The staff representation requested the then President to distance herself from such statements. She never did Slots Safes sind nicht resident neither did Mr Battistelli, when click. There are various names for such management methods.

As an annex, we have copied list of warning signs for MBI. We invite you to do the test and see which apply to our organization. The article from which the list was copied1 states that MBI practices lead to a Slots Safes sind nicht resident work-force and are costly for an organization.

In the EPO the consequences of MBI might be less quickly visible because the quality of the mit Spielautomaten von Spielzeug Verleih done the most obvious part to suffer is not Slots Safes sind nicht resident measured, and our income derives in part from the Slots Safes sind nicht resident done in the past renewal fees.

We therefore call on the individual responsibility of each staff member and each manager to resist the current development. Is It Destroying Your Organization? After years of consulting and management reviews, the authors discovered patterns of behavior. Do you see these in your organization? MBI practitioners threaten or intimidate people to perform, not inspire people to do their best.

Letters of warning, informal threats of dismissal and informal requests to resign are some of the popular tactics used by MBI practitioners in organizations. Show of unchecked power is the basis for their operating philosophy. Members of the oversight body e. The intent is to ensure that members, who do not habitually question the activities of management, are selected and retained.

Such an ineffective oversight body gives MBI practitioners a carte blanche to act administratively with unchecked powers. The body views auditors as necessary evils, rather than partners who assist its members in discharging their oversight responsibilities. The need to avoid micro-management is used as an excuse for this kind of hand-off oversight philosophy. MBI practitioners do not like employees to communicate openly and frankly about their views on organizational matters.

They manipulate communication channels to ensure that only positive things are said and written about the organizations to external parties.

Employees who express unfavorable opinions about the working conditions are routinely reprimanded by superiors who subscribe to the MBI philosophy. Commitment to truth is nonexistent. Board members, Slots Safes sind nicht resident auditors, internal auditors, and regulators receive communications censored or sanitized by More info practitioners to conceal the real organizational climate and culture.

MBI practitioners are self-centered leaders. They make decisions that are usually best for them, Slots Safes sind nicht resident favorite subordinates, their Slots Safes sind nicht resident and their business partners. Personal agendas are disguised as organizational agendas. MBI practitioners do not like their authority challenged or questioned by anyone.

They have no compunction whatsoever in eliminating and neutralizing people who habitually challenge their authority. MBI practitioners are the least accountable people in organizations. They are quick to take credit for successful initiatives and equally quick to apportion blame on others for organizational failures. They are meticulous in building cases — real imagined — against dispensable employees or scapegoats.

MBI practitioners last long in organizations mainly because the culture of accountability is nonexistent. MBI practices are not transparent to people who are not directly and indirectly by such practices. We either experience or learn about them from colleagues who were affected by the practices.

MBI practitioners are too concerned about leaving audit trails that they have adopted the practice of not documenting their activities as much as possible and tacitly asking their subordinates to do the same. MBI practitioners tend to ignore good personnel policies and Slots Safes sind nicht resident to cronyism and nepotism in their hiring decisions.

Covert tactics are used to ensure that friends and relatives are given preferential considerations. Ruse interviews Slots Safes sind nicht resident occasionally conducted just to satisfy Slots Safes sind nicht resident requirements. MBI practitioners preach but do not practice diversity. They develop policies, procedures and Slots Safes sind nicht resident that extol the virtues of diversity.

They organize events intended to create the illusion that their organizations believe in diversity. A closer look will reveal that the people they surround themselves Slots Safes sind nicht resident in key leadership positions are not diverse.

Lucrative positions, contracts and bonuses are typically awarded to people who look, think and act like them. Activities that are acceptable to MBI practitioners are not necessarily acceptable to ordinary employees. Double standards are consistently applied in organizations. It is acceptable for MBI practitioners to circumvent rules if it suits their whims, but employees who commit the same type acts are involuntarily terminated.

Disdain for Independent Reviewers: MBI practitioners treat internal auditors, external auditors and other independent Slots Safes sind nicht resident with open disdain.

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After exiting, go right at the first light Mall Blvd. Go to the end and go right at the light. Stay on Route At the next light, which is the Whitehorse Road intersection, make a left onto Whitehorse Road.

At that intersection there are gas stations and the Royal Bank. Go approximately 1 mile, crossing a narrow After bridge, at traffic light, turn left onto Valley Park Road. The new township building is the second driveway on your left directly across from Calvary Go here Church.

Slots Safes sind nicht resident administration, go to the upper parking lot. From Route take the Great Valley Exit. Follow signs for Route 29 North. After the corporate center, go about 1 mile; the road goes under a Turnpike overpass. After the overpass, make a right onto White Horse Road. Go through first stop sign.

At the traffic signal, make a right onto Valley Park Road. The Calvary Bible Church will be on your right. The old township building stone, two-story will be directly in front of you. After making the this web page, go about yards to the municipal Slots Safes sind nicht resident driveway on your left.

Schuylkill Slots Safes sind nicht resident building is directly across the street from the church driveway. Follow Pennsylvania Slots Safes sind nicht resident to exit formerly 24 Valley Forge exit. At toll booth, stay right for immediate exit. Take first exitformerly 25 -- Valley Forge. Exit puts you Casino Land Glück Glücksspiel ohne Registrierung Route 23 Http:// At the next light, which is the Whitehorse Road intersection, make a right onto Whitehorse Road.

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