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Mention this ad and get a day pass for free. The first female lieutenant on the force, becomes the first female chief in Stoughton's history. Of course, a permanent Chief must be named by the Board of Selectmen.

In addition, Chief Shastany Roulette Rubel Money Online Lt. If a permanent deputy chief is named, it would be under the purview of Town Manager Michael Hartman. Chief Shastany is confident that both of these well-trained individuals will handle their assignments well, and the department will remain at a high level of effectiveness, professionalism, and integrity.

They both were awarded the Trilogy Awards. Shastany tells me, "Lt. She is extremely skilled. She has a recruit hiring background. Donna is a verbal judo instructor.

She was also a article source president, so she is familiar with negotiations, contracts and grievances. She does first responder training. She did the Narcan training under the DA's office. She's uniquely qualified to be Chief. McGowan is an expert in Internal Affairs investigations. He's handled complex cases expertly. Dan's an instructor in firearms. He's been through many senior management institutes.

He has all the ingredients of being a great Deputy chief. He's an instructor with Mass Police Training Committee. He's the guru for force. Most IA cases involve force-related incidents. He's an expert in that. They are both может, Online Casino zahlt Geld Прежде together very well.

And, as for assessments, every day is like an Roulette Rubel Money Online center under me. I'll be speaking with the town manager and the Board of Selectmen to discuss these choices, and I'm hopeful that they'll both be made permanent in these positions.

But, it is up to them. As for Chief Shastany, today was a tough day. As I drove home with my wife, we were sobbing. I love everyone in Stoughton and I loved serving the community. The people you have to enforce the law against.

You can have no malice in your heart, so that you can try to understand their point of view. Chief Shastany leaves a department that is a model for police departments all over the country. It is filled from top Roulette Rubel Money Online bottom with well-trained professionals in law enforcement.

And, with all the lessons Chief Shastany has taught, and all the training he made sure was delivered, the Stoughton Police Department will continue to be a leader in law Roulette Rubel Money Online circles. The members of this department would like to wish the Chief a very happy and healthy retirement. The Chief has laid a foundation of strength, stability, and leadership. We have been groomed to become the model for proactive approaches to the latest in police practices. Thank you Chief Shastany.

We can not article source we won't be the same without you, we won't be the same because of you. On behalf of the Stoughton Firefighters, and our families, we stand in unity with our fellow town employees unanimously, with a no confidence vote on Town Manager Michael Hartman.

Hartman's micromanaging has fostered a work environment which continues to be contentious, and Roulette Rubel Money Online. His lack of communication, and unwillingness to recognize the value of dedicated employees has cost him to lose the trust of the firefighter's of local Through his reductions of the department's budget, we do not feel that the safety of town employees, and the public is a priority to this town manager.

Stoughton Firefighters respectfully request that our selectman Roulette Rubel Money Online the necessary action to remove Mr. Hartman from his duties as Town Manager and lead Stoughton in a direction that is founded on honesty, and transparency. For the past several years, the all-volunteer FOST has made significant progress towards reopening the facility.

According to historical records, the State Theatre presented daily moving pictures and vaudeville performances, making it one of the Roulette Rubel Money Online amusement facilities in the region. In his new position, La Fleur will oversee several aspects of the revitalization. By creating a new cultural destination, the State Theatre aspires to attract residents and tourists from the region, thus stimulating the regional economy through the arts.

La Fleur will be the driving force to raising visibility for the organization, allowing FOST to achieve its Roulette Rubel Money Online vision to fruition. A revered director, choreographer and established entertainment consultant, Michael La Fleur has a long list of achievement and accolades in the industry nationwide and abroad.

He previously served the world-renowned Walt Disney Company and subsidiaries as an Imagineer in the US and Japan, originating record-breaking stage productions, and contributing to major television shows and special events. He also created The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, and served as one of the creative Roulette Rubel Money Online Islands of Adventure and several of his show creations.

Off-Broadway and in regional theatre, he has made an indelible mark in critically acclaimed theatrical productions, musicals, outdoor festivals and corporate. He continues to create scripts and show concepts for notable organizations including Universal Studios, Genting, and The Hard Rock Cafe. Excited for a new project in New England, La Fleur has already begun networking and brainstorming his vision for the theatre.

He will start-up the business, plan performances, community events, educational classes and develop partnerships with local businesses, civic and educational groups. It is only through our collective efforts that we can ensure a successful, sustainable long-term plan for the theatre, with the ultimate goal of enriching the cultural fabric and economic vitality of our community. The theatre will serve as a hub for learning and the arts, as well as an economic impetus for the Town of Stoughton and the region.

Stoughton residents may have breathed a sigh of relief when the old dilapidated Kennedy property across from the Hansen School was finally demolished recently. Their attorney, Peter Freeman of Yarmouthport, announced that one of their original proposed buildings will be eliminated, but that there would remain units.

The original Island Street exit is being proposed for emergency use only. Photo on the left Click here took last year. Photo on the right was taken this week by Marilyn Rabinovitz. When completed the Stoughton Ice Center will become a premier year round hockey training facility with several local skills professionals offering their expertise and programs to players from mite to college levels.

It will also run 3 on 3 leagues at the youth and Men's league levels. Ice time is available to rent beginning September for the fall winter season.

Snyder's Stoughton spoke with Stoughton High Head Hockey Coach Dan Markwho tells me, "This year, the Black Knights hockey team will use it in a limited capacity, because contracts for this year have already been Roulette Rubel Money Online with other rinks.

Next year, when Steve builds the full size rink, YES that will be our home rink! Ilya had fought depression earlier that year, but his family thought he was OK.

He had Roulette Rubel Money Online car or cell phone, and he hadn't touched any of his bank accounts. In essence, he disappeared. He lived on Memorial Drive, in the area where bones turned up this week. Searchers have located additional remains in the area.

That location is being processed. The Crime Scene Services Section and other specialized personnel are also expected to participate in the processing of evidence at the scene. The investigation and search activity remain ongoing. Access to the Simpson Road area is restricted beginning at Memorial Drive at this time and for the immediate future.

So, they didn't do the work. This forced us to have to postpone our ZBA date a week, and drop off another check. Roulette Rubel Money Online there are deficiencies in our plans, we're happy to do what the ZBA thinks we need to do to improve it. Winstanley said that another fast food chain offered more money and was willing to sign a longer lease, but after a family visit to Sonic, they felt that it would be the best tenant for the property.

My kids loved it. The customer service is fantasticand entertaining, as food is delivered by roller skating waiters and waitresses. And, with people thinking of feed their children and themselves more healthy Roulette Rubel Money Online, Sonic offers a multitude of choices, like grilled chicken on a fantastic menu.

So, bottom line, hopefully Sonic will open by next summer. If not, it's fair to question Roulette Rubel Money Online how "business friendly" this town actually is. There is vacancy to fill on the Stoughton School Committee after Dr. Carol Brown announced she was resigning from the Committee at last night's meeting.

During the public comment period at the start of the July 28 meeting, Dr. I regret to inform you that I am resigning my position of School Committee as of today, July This is not an easy decision for me, but it is something that I must do. It Roulette Rubel Money Online an honor to work with my constituents and the children of Stoughton. The other four School Committee members thanked Dr. Brown for her service and contributions and expressed regret she was resigning.

Brown Roulette Rubel Money Online serving her first term on the School Committee, elected to go here three year Roulette Rubel Money Online in April Roulette Rubel Money Online Her term expired in Aprilso this seat will be one of two on the ballot in the April town election.

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Playing Roulette, the game of a random chance has no magic recipe to apply for sure winning. Each spin determines unpredictable outcome regardless betting strategy. The results are always Roulette Rubel Money Online and fair.

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