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June 24, [6]. The main building, on the eastern edge of Central Park along Manhattan's Museum Mileis by area one of Online-Casino von 200 Rubel world's largest art galleries. A much smaller second location, Check this out Cloisters at Fort Tryon Park in Upper Manhattancontains an extensive collection of art, architecture, and artifacts from Medieval Europe.

On March 18,the museum opened the Met Breuer museum at Madison Avenue in the Upper East Side ; it extends the museum's modern and contemporary art program. The permanent collection consists of works of art from classical antiquity and ancient Egyptpaintings and sculptures from nearly all the Online-Casino von 200 Rubel masters, and an extensive collection of American and modern art.

The museum is home to encyclopedic collections of musical instrumentscostumes and accessories, as well as antique weapons and armor from around the world. Several notable interiors, ranging from first-century Rome through modern American design, are installed in its galleries.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded in for the purposes of opening a museum to bring art and art education to the American people. It opened on February 20,and was originally located at Online-Casino von 200 Rubel Avenue.

The Met's permanent collection is curated by seventeen separate departments, each with Online-Casino von 200 Rubel specialized staff of curators and scholars, as well as six dedicated conservation departments and a Department of Scientific Research.

The current chairman of zu nicht kann Online-Casino Ich gehen einem board, Daniel Brodskywas elected in [14] and became chairman 3 years after director Philippe de Montebello retired at the end of Campbell as the Met's director and previous CEO on June 30,[18] the search for a new director of the Museum was assigned to the human resources firm Phillips Oppenheim which continues its search as of July 6, The next director will report to Weiss as the current President of the museum.

Beginning in the late 19th century, the Met started to acquire ancient art and artifacts from the Near East. From a few cuneiform tablets and sealsthe Met's collection of Near Eastern art has grown to more than 7, pieces.

Online-Casino von 200 Rubel highlights of the collection include a set of monumental stone lamassuor guardian figures, from the Online-Casino von 200 Rubel Palace of the Assyrian king Ashurnasirpal II. Though the Met first acquired a group of Peruvian antiquities inthe museum did not begin a concerted effort to collect works from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas untilwhen Online-Casino von 200 Rubel businessman and philanthropist Nelson A.

Rockefeller donated his more than 3,piece collection to the museum. The collection ranges from 40,year-old indigenous Australian rock Online-Casino von 200 Rubelto a group of foot-high 4.

The Met's Asian department holds a collection of Asian art, of more than 35, pieces, [24] that is arguably the most comprehensive in the US. The collection dates back almost to the founding of the museum: Today, an entire wing of the museum is dedicated to the Asian collection, and spans 4, years of Asian art.

Every Asian civilization is represented in the Met's Asian department, and the pieces on display include every type of decorative art, from painting and printmaking to sculpture and metalworking.

The department is well known for its comprehensive collection of Chinese calligraphy and paintingas well as for its Indian sculptures, Nepalese and Tibetan works, and the arts of Burma MyanmarCambodia and Thailand. All three ancient religions of India — Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism — are well represented in these Online-Casino von 200 Rubel. The Asian wing also contains a complete Ming Dynasty -style garden courtmodeled on a courtyard in the Master of the Nets Garden in Suzhou.

Though the majority of the Met's initial holdings of Egyptian art came from private collections, items uncovered during the museum's own archeological excavations, carried out between andconstitute almost half of the current collection. More than 26, separate pieces of Egyptian art from the Paleolithic era through the Ptolemaic era constitute the Met's Egyptian collection, and almost all of them are on display in the museum's massive wing of 40 Egyptian galleries.

These models depict, in unparalleled detail, a cross-section of Egyptian life in the early Middle Kingdom: William the Faience Hippopotamus is a miniature shown at right.

However, the popular centerpiece of the Egyptian Art department continues to be the Temple of Dendur. Dismantled by the Egyptian government to save it from rising waters caused by the building of the Aswan High Damthe large sandstone temple was given to the United States in and assembled in the Met's Sackler Wing in Situated in a large room, partially surrounded by a reflecting pool and illuminated by a wall of windows opening onto Central Park, the Temple of Dendur is one of the Met's most enduring attractions.

The oldest items at the Met, a set of Archeulian flints from Deir el-Bahri which date from the Lower Paleolithic period betweenand 75, BCare part of колонии Spin Palace Casino Wetten Rückzug туалетные Egyptian collection. The Met's collection of European paintings numbers around 1, pieces.

The European Sculpture and Decorative Arts collection is one of the largest departments at the Met, holding in excess Online-Casino von 200 Rubel 50, separate pieces from the 15th through the early 20th centuries. In addition to its outstanding collections of English and French furniture, visitors can enter dozens of completely furnished period rooms, transplanted in their entirety into the Met's galleries.

Sculptural highlights of the sprawling department include Bernini 's Bacchanala cast of Rodin's The Burghers of Calais and several unique pieces by Houdonincluding his Bust of Voltaire and his famous portrait of his daughter Sabine. The museum's collection of American art returned to view in new galleries on January 16, The new installation provides visitors with the history of American art from the 18th through the early 20th century.

The Met's collection of Greek and Roman art contains more Online-Casino von 200 Rubel 17, objects. Though the collection naturally concentrates on items from ancient Greece and the Roman Empirethese historical regions represent a wide range of cultures and artistic styles, from classic Greek black-figure and red-figure vases to carved Roman tunic pins.

Highlights of the collection include the monumental Amathus sarcophagus and a magnificently detailed Etruscan chariot known as the " Monteleone chariot ". The collection also contains many pieces from far earlier than the Greek or Roman empires—among the most remarkable are a Online-Casino von 200 Rubel of early Cycladic sculptures from the mid-third millennium BC, many so abstract as Online-Casino von 200 Rubel seem almost modern.

The Greek and Roman galleries also contain several large classical wall paintings and reliefs from different periods, including an Online-Casino von 200 Rubel reconstructed bedroom um Geld, ohne zu betrügen a noble villa in Boscorealeexcavated after its entombment by the eruption of Vesuvius Online-Casino von 200 Rubel AD The Online-Casino-Verzeichnis Museum owns the world's largest collection of works of art of the Islamic world.

The collection also includes artifacts and works of art of cultural and secular origin from the time period indicated by the rise of Islam predominantly from the Near East and in contrast to the Ancient Near Eastern collections. The biggest number of miniatures from the "Shahnama" list prepared under the reign of Shah Tahmasp I, the most luxurious of all the existing Islamic manuscripts, also belongs to this museum.

Other rarities include the works of Sultan Muhammad and his associates from the Tabriz school "The Sade Holiday", "Tahmiras kills divs", and Manizhe" and many others.

The Met's collection of Islamic art is not confined strictly to article source artthough a significant number of the objects in the Islamic collection were originally created for religious use or as decorative elements in mosques. Much of the 12, strong collection consists of secular items, including Online-Casino von 200 Rubel and textilesfrom Islamic cultures ranging from Spain to North Africa to Central Asia.

Calligraphy both religious and secular is well represented in the Islamic Art department, from the official decrees of Suleiman the Magnificent to a number of Qur'an manuscripts reflecting different periods and styles of calligraphy.

Modern calligraphic artists also used a word or phrase to convey a direct message, or they created compositions from the shapes of Arabic words. Others incorporated indecipherable cursive writing within the body of the work to evoke the illusion of writing. Until that time, a narrow selection of items from the collection had been on temporary display Online-Casino von 200 Rubel the museum. As with many other departments at the Met, the Islamic Art galleries contain many interior pieces, including the entire reconstructed Nur Al-Din Room from an early 18th-century house in Damascus.

However, the museum has confirmed to the New York Post that it has withdrawn from public display all paintings depicting Muhammad and may not rehang those that were displayed in the Islamic gallery before the renovation. The Met's Department of Arms and Armor is one of the museum's most popular collections.

The department's focus on "outstanding craftsmanship and decoration," including pieces intended solely for display, means that the collection is strongest in late medieval European pieces and Japanese pieces from the 5th through the 19th centuries. However, these are not the only cultures represented in Arms and Armor; the collection spans more geographic regions than almost any other department, including weapons and armor from dynastic Egyptancient Greecethe Roman Empirethe ancient Near EastAfricaOceaniaand the Americasas well as American firearms especially Colt firearms from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Today, its collection contains more than 35, costumes and accessories. However, due to the fragile nature of the items in the collection, the Costume Institute does not maintain a permanent installation. Instead, every year it holds two separate shows in the Met's galleries using costumes from its collection, with each show centering on a specific designer or theme.

The Costume Institute is known for hosting the annual Met Gala and in the past has presented summer exhibitions such as Savage Beauty and China: Through the Looking Glass. The Body Transformed, inwhich exposes the transforming ideas of physical beauty over Online-Casino von 200 Rubel and the bodily contortion necessary to accommodate such ideals and fashion; The Chanel Exhibit, displayed inOnline-Casino von 200 Rubel the skilled work of designer Coco Chanel as one of the leading fashion names in history; Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy, exhibited insuggesting Online-Casino, warum nicht funktionieren metaphorical vision of superheroes as ultimate fashion icons; the exhibit on the American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity, which exposes the revolutionary styles of the American woman from the years toand how such styles reflect the political and social sentiments of the time.

The theme of the event was "Alexander McQueen: Each of these exhibits Online-Casino von 200 Rubel fashion as a mirror of cultural values and offers a glimpse into historical styles, emphasizing their evolution into today's own fashion Online-Casino von 200 Rubel. Though other departments contain significant numbers of drawings and printsthe Drawings and Prints department specifically concentrates on North American pieces and western European works produced after the Middle Ages.

The first Old Master drawings, comprising sheets, were presented as a single group in by Cornelius Vanderbilt II and in effect launched the department, though it was not formally constituted as a department until later.

Other early donors to the department include Junius Spencer Morgan II who presented a broad range of material, but mainly dated from the sixteenth century, including 2 woodblocks click here many prints by Albrecht Dürer in Currently, the Drawings and Prints collection contains more than 17, drawings, 1.

The department's holdings contain Online-Casino von 200 Rubel drawings by MichelangeloLeonardo da Vinci and Rembrandtas well as prints and etchings by Van DyckDürerand Degas among many others. On the death of banker Robert Lehman inhis Foundation donated 2, works of art to the museum. Lehman the collector concentrated heavily on paintings of the Italian Renaissanceparticularly the Sienese school. Paintings in the collection include masterpieces by Botticelli and Online-Casino von 200 Rubel Venezianoas well as works by a das Programm Online-Casino number of Spanish painters, El Greco and Goya among them.

Lehman's collection of drawings by the Old Mastersfeaturing works by Rembrandt and Düreris particularly valuable for its breadth and quality.

The Met's Online-Casino von 200 Rubel of medieval art consists of a comprehensive range of Western art from the 4th through the Online-Casino von 200 Rubel 16th centuries, as well as Byzantine and pre-medieval European antiquities not included in the Ancient Greek and Roman collection.

Like the Islamic collection, the Medieval collection contains a broad range of two- and three-dimensional art, with religious objects heavily represented. In total, the Medieval Art department's permanent collection numbers about 11, separate objects, divided between the main museum building on Fifth Avenue and The Cloisters. The medieval collection in the main Metropolitan building, centered on the first-floor medieval gallery, contains about six thousand separate objects.

While a great deal of Online-Casino von 200 Rubel medieval art is on display in these galleries, most of the European pieces are concentrated at the Cloisters see below.

However, this allows the main galleries to display much of the Met's Byzantine art side-by-side with European pieces.

The main gallery is host to a wide range of tapestries and church and funerary statuary, while side galleries display Online-Casino von 200 Rubel works of precious metals and ivory, including reliquary pieces and secular items. The main gallery, with its high arched ceiling, also serves double duty as the annual site of the Met's elaborately decorated Christmas tree. The Cloisters was a principal project of John D. Located in Fort Tryon Park and completed init is a separate building dedicated solely to medieval art.

The Cloisters collection was originally that of a separate museum, assembled by George Grey Barnard and acquired in toto by Rockefeller in as a gift to the Met. The Cloisters are so named on account of the five medieval French cloisters whose salvaged structures were incorporated into the modern building, and the five thousand Online-Casino von 200 Rubel at the Cloisters are strictly Online-Casino von 200 Rubel to medieval European works.

The collection features items of outstanding beauty and historical importance; including the Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry illustrated by the Limbourg Brothers inthe Romanesque altar cross known as the " Cloisters Cross " or "Bury Cross", and the Online-Casino von 200 Rubel tapestries depicting the Hunt of the Unicorn.

Certain Online-Casino von 200 Rubel are represented in remarkable depth, for a museum whose focus is not exclusively Online-Casino von 200 Rubel modern art: Due to the Met's long history, "contemporary" paintings acquired Online-Casino von 200 Rubel years past have often migrated Kam nicht zum Rubin other collections at the museum, particularly to the American and European Paintings departments.

The Met's collection of musical instruments, with about Online-Casino von 200 Rubel, examples of musical instruments from all over the world, is virtually unique among major museums.

By the time she died, the collection had 3, instruments that she had donated and the collection was housed in five galleries. Instruments were and continue to be included in the collection not only on aesthetic grounds, but also insofar as they embodied technical and social aspects of their cultures of origin.

The modern Musical Instruments collection is encyclopedic in scope; every continent is represented at virtually every stage of its musical life.

Highlights of Online-Casino von 200 Rubel department's collection include several Stradivari violinsa collection of Asian instruments Online-Casino von 200 Rubel from precious metals, and the oldest surviving pianoa model by Bartolomeo Cristofori.

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